Dear friend,
It has been 14 months since we have seen each other. Don’t worry, I have not forgotten you, I could never forget you. We have been through so much together and I know soon we will have more adventures together.

We have a great history together, do you remember how we met? I was about 10 years old and I was spending the night at Ashley’s house, just down the street from home. When you showed up, no one was sleeping after that. We clicked instantly, it was the beginning of a beautiful life long friendship.

Before long we were meeting every day. Your energy is contagious, you always made the sunshine a bit brighter.

You helped me through college. All the late night study sessions, getting up unspeakably early for class, you were always by my side. I miss sitting in the cafe on Market street with you in between or after classes. We would sit and relax, or maybe play a game together. Sometimes we would wander the shops, I loved that little thrift shop, you always knew how to calm me down and energize me at the same time.

When I was done with college and was working full time was when I discovered your dark side. I gotto say, its just as enjoyable as your sweet side! You helped me though the long days and occasional overnight shift. Without you I would have fallen sleep at the desk or prep table.

When I moved to be with my fiance it became harder to see you as often. I’m going to level with you, he didn’t like you… I know, crazy! When I drove to work myself I would leave early just so we could have some time together, but if we carpooled he didnt see why we should leave early for a quick stop. Eventually we compromised and life was good again.

Then February before last we decided we were ready to start a family. We both knew I had to focus on my family, but I can’t wait for 7 more months until we are reunited. I could really use your help taking care of my beautiful twin boys. They are growing so quickly and are getting more active every day. Oh Coffee, the adventures we will gave together again will be amazing.

Your forever friend,