Some people my think nursing is easy, you just sit there, but your body and mind are doing a lot of work. Yes you are sitting in one spot a lot if the time, but that also means you either need to ask someone for help to get you something, or go without if you don’t plan ahead. I have a nursing basket in my nursery so I can enjoy my time with my boys worry free. Here is what’s in my basket, if you have any ideas what would be helpful please leave a comment.

P.s would make great baby shower gift for a new mom.

20 oz water bottle. You need to stay hydrated while nursing and especially in the early days you are always thirsty.
Chap stick and hair ties. It can be very annoying to have dry lips or hair in your face and you can’t do anything about it.
Hand sanitizer and hand lotion. So you can feel clean and smell nice. These helps breast feeding because if you feel good you can relax more.
Diapers and wipes. If you have diaper emergency you don’t want to have to wait to fix the issue.
Tissues. Your hormones are going wild, your learning the new skill of breast feeding and your sleep deprived. Tears are going to flow.
Cell phone charger. You will be using your phone for apps, a clock, stay connected with friends and family and to help you stay awake. The battery runs down quicker then you think.
Ear buds. I often will watch YouTube while nursing so I keep ear buds handy so I don’t distract the boys.
Snacks. You burn about 500 calories nursing one baby, I have twin hungry boys so I am burning about 1000 calories. This means I need to 1000 extra calories per day (total 3500) so that I produce enough milk for the boys so I make sure I have plenty of snacks. Even having a stash of ganola bars on hand is great but if you enjoy being in the kitchen Pinterest has a ton of great recipes for lactation cookies, smoothies and overnight oatmeal. Check out my Pinrerest boards; TheRoseyLifeWithTwinsPins
Nursing cover. Breast feeding is beautiful but when your relatives or friends come over you will want your privacy while being able to socialize. I have the San Diago Bebe Twin Eco Nursing Pillow and it has a built in nursing Cover and it works great and when packing my pillow to travel its one less thing to forget.
Pen and paper. Being able to write down random thoughts or planning out your free time or remember what you need for groceries, having pen and paper available can be a life saver.
Burp cloths! Need I say more?
Nursing necklace. My boys are very easily distracted, a nursing necklace can help to keep their attention a little longer. Esty has a lot of great options like food grade silicone bead necklaces, so if they are teething or just putting everything in their mouth you don’t have to worry.
Pedia Care Gas drops. Sometimes depending on what you eat your baby can have painful gas and when burping doesn’t help you want relief close by. It is a dropper method which my boys are not fond of but luckily don’t need to use them often.
Baby Ddrops. Breast milk provides so many beneficial qualities but it doesn’t have vitamin D which babies need so their bones grow strong. I prefer the Ddrops brand over the Enfamil because it is literally 1 drop that you either put on you nipple or you finger or even add to food if baby is old enough, versus Enfamil you have to use a dropper and put in babies mouth or add to food. My boys would just make a sour face and spit it back out.
Born Free Nighty Night Nursing Light. This little light clips to your shirt or nursing bra, it has a timer of 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes with an optional vibrate setting. With this you don’t have to watch the clock and if you doze off it can wake you up.
Coconut oil. Yes the oil you find in the grocery store for cooking. Coconut oil is an all natural substance that is good for… just about everything; lip moisturizer, lotion, use in replace of lanolin cream, whip into body butter, treat cradle cap, eat tbsp per day to increase quality and flow of breast milk… the list can just keep on going! Organic unrefined or virgin is the best.
Prenatal vitamins. Even after pregnancy these are important for mom’s health and babies get extra needed vitamins threw mom’s milk.
Fenugreek. This has been the most helpful supplement for my breast milk that I’ve tried. I took it every day in the beginning to get a strong supply established, now I just take when I feel my supply needs a little help. Other people have sworn by marshmallow root or mother’s love and had great success.

Phone apps.
Your phone can actually help you breast feed. (I have an android phone, don’t know if all these apps are available for iPhone.)

Breastfeeding- Baby tracker. This app does it all; tracks how long you nursed each side, when you last nursed, pumpings, baths, weight, sleep, and its really easy to use.
Poink. This app is useful for a few reasons. It can run in the background so you can still use other functions on your phone. It vibrate alerts you when you are falling asleep by motion detection, if you hold it upright its fine, when your phone starts drooping down it vibrates. It is super easy to use and takes up very little memory space.
Inkpad Notepad. This app is so simple, no crazy fonts or confusing features. You can write basis notes, write a to-do list or write a shopping list. Once you finish a task on a list, check it off and on to the next item.