So you made it past the adrenaline rush of bringing your new bundle of joy home. You worked out the feeding issue kinks and now have a good feeding relationship with your child. You can now identify the signs of a growth spurt and know what to execpt and how to handle your little ones change in temperament and feeding patterns. Life is looking pretty rosy, but your baby still insists on the night feedings or they still take awhile to eat and are not an efficient eater to be able to be done in 20 minutes or less. So how do you stay awake while feeding??

My twin boys are now 5 months old, they get distacted very easily so I keep the room fairly dimly lit, especially at night, and I still nurse them to sleep. I know, it could lead to sleep issues down the road, when they are older I plan to do some form of sleep training, but I’m not ready to change our routine right now. I’ve learned go with what works to keep your sanity.

Both my boys take awhile to eat, especially baby V, even bottle feeding he takes forever. I have nothing against co-sleeping, it just wouldn’t work for us. I had to get creative how to stay awake while feeding them.

Pinterest. So many things to keep my mind busy from planning a meal to fantasizing about how to build my dream home. Traveling the world to parenting and kid tips and tricks.

Watch a movie. In the early days it is a good way to help stay awake, now that my boys are more alert the sound distracts them or I have caught baby L trying to watch the movie. So that leads to my next way to stay awake…

YouTube. I watch YouTube on my phone, with earphones if the boys are having an especially easily distracted day. YouTube is great because it has a wide variety of movies, tv shows, how to informational videos and youtubers making their own original content. I religiousally watch itsjudyslife, beautybroadcast, and jaclynhill.

Play a game. On my iPod I have solitare, sudoku, and my go to, plant vs zombie. Keeps your mind busy and helps you relax, especially on those long stretchs of cluster feeding.

Learn a language . Not only will this benefit you, but it could be good for your whole family. You could teach what you learn to your significant other and eventually your children. Duolingo is a great app, its easy to use and fun!

Listen to music. I specifically created a playlist on my iPod for breast feeding of uplifting, fast tempo, and fun music. I can listen to my favorite songs, with earphones if necessary, and stay alert.

Connect with friends and family. Being a new mom I don’t get out too much. Also I moved 2 hours away from my friends and family to be with my fiance, so I don’t regularly see everyone so I Facebook, email, text, or call to stay connected.

An alert system. Sometimes no matter what I do I get so tired inevitably fall. I have found two fairly good alert systems to wake me up when I’m drifting off.

One is the Born Free nighty night nursing light. I found mine ar BabiesRus but I’ve see it ar Kohl’s and on Amazon. It easily attachs to nursing bra, has a dim light that if it is supposed to keep you awake without being jarring, didn’t work for me. My favorite part about this is it has a timer for 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes and has an optional vibrate feature.

The other opinion I found is an app for my phone called Poink. You turn the app on and it runs un the background so you can continue using your phone for other activities to keep you awake. How it works is you hold your phone upright while using it, it senses if the phone is falling and vibrates to wake you up. Best part is it’s a free app and takes up very little memory space.

Blog. Whether I’m reading posts from my favorite bloggers, writing my own posts or just brain storming, I find blogging to be a great way to stay awake.

So here is my list of what works for me, I’m not saying these will work for everyone, and if you have other ideas I would love for you to comment and tell me.