When I was a young girl, maybe 12 years old, my mom was trying to make dinner and my sister and I were full of energy and would not give her a moments piece. In her frustration to try and get dinner done she said “go play in traffic” to my sister and I. We looked at each other with mischief in our eyes and ran out the door and started dancing in the street. Now before you freak out understand we lived in a small one stop light town, literally, one blinking red light. It took my mom about 30 seconds  to realize we actally did what she said and flew out the door and yelled at us to go inside. Our defense was we were just doing what she told us to do, that surely would be enough to get us out of trouble right? No such luck, but it was so worth it because we all still laugh about it today.

My mom is my role model and still my best friend, this was valuable advice to me because when I found out I was pregnant  this was one of the first things I knew not to say to my boys. My mom raised me by herself from the time I was 6 years old, and she taught me so much I hope to pass onto our boys.

She taught me to look for the light in even the darkest day. I remeber we were going home from an emotionally hard day and she looked at the sunset on the river and we found a little good and joy out of the day.

She taught me that holidays are about family not pricetags or material objects. Christmas eve is my all time favorite holiday because we would have a smorgasbord of treats like empire cookies, butter tarts, Christmas pudding, seven layer bars, and we would watch old Christmas movies. It was about the togetherness, and that was priceless to me.

She taught me to enjoy the little things, like bubbles or shiny things.  Seeing her have so much fun and letting go of expectations of how you should act and letting her beautiful soul shine through inspires me to let go and let loose. To often I let myself get too serious about life and forget to step back and enjoy simple pleasures.

She taught me independence. From a young age I helped do dishes, laundry, vacuuming, other household chores. But its more than that, she is very resourceful and can use internet to find anything from how to make green juice to how to fix brake lines on a car. She doesn’t let anything stop her.

She taught me creativity in problem solving. When I was younger if I did something wrong of course I’d get grounded, but she always made the punishment fit the bad behavior and gave me a loophole that if I figured out why it was wrong my punishment would be reduced. As an adult this foundation has translated into relationships, work life, even house decorating, it taught me to think outside the box and not to live life always inside the colored lines.

She taught me about beauty. I’m not talking about beauty on the outside, but we both might have an addiction to collecting makeup and beauty products. I’m talking about beauty on the inside, how a person carries themself and how they treat other. She taught me all people are equal no matter what color their skin, religion or orientation. She taught me manners and etiquette, she taught me to be a glass half full kind of person. Having a positive outlook on life and letting that guild how you interact with your world is more beautiful to me then the best makeup and cloths in the world. I may were makeup almost every day, but that is for me, I am not trying to impress anyone. When my boys grow up and start dating ( omg I am so glad that is many years away) I want them to judge a womans beauty by their internal beauty, not just the packaging.

She taught me so much, and I may be 29 but I am still learning from her, I want to set an example for my boys like she set for me. Thank you mom for everything and when they boys are getting out of hand and won’t leave me alone, I think I will tell the to go fly a kite instead. 🙂