On February 12, 2015 I gave birth to two beautiful boys. My posts to follow are going to be about my amazing rollercoaster ride since. But first I want to share my pregnancy journey and a little about my family and life.

Before I met my fiancee I was not interested in having children. I had dreams of traveling or following my dreams of being an artist or going corperate with the company I was working for. I thought having children would limit my life and tie me down. I had no idea being a full time mom is the most rewarding job ever.

I went away to my parents house for the weekend for my moms birthday. I moved two hours away to live with my fiancee, so it had been a few months since I had seen my parents. I remember them asking if I was pregnant so that was why I hadn’t come around for a while. My fiancee and I had breifly talked about it before, but it was that moment when I realized I was ready to try.

We tryed for 3 months, then just before my fiancee was about to go away on a hiking trip we both had a feeling I was pregnant but I wasn’t late so I waited to take the test. It was Sunday and my fiancee was coming home later that afternoon, but we both agreed I should take it when he was gone and tell him the result when he got home. It was suposed to take a minute to show results, but it seemed like just a few seconds… pregnant. My whole world was about to change, but I somehow had to go to work and focus and keep it a secret.

My fiancee is too observant for his own good and saw the plasic wrapper in the garbage. He looked in the medican cabinet and found the test. When I got home at 6pm we were both still in shock, but excited to be starting this new journey.

We waited until I was 9 weeks along until we found the right ob/gyn. When we heard the heartbeat for the first time we both cryed. It was finally real not just the idea we were pregnant, we heard one strong heartbeat and we were so excited! It wasn’t until I was 11 weeks and we went for our first ultra sound we knew we were having twins.

I saw the screen and I instantly understood we were having twins.My fiancee on the other hand needed to be told because he couldn’t really make out what was on the screen. The doctor said ” we first off I have to tell you, you are having twins.” My fiancee in a deep voice said ” what did you say?” Once he understood he was excited, but I love his inital reaction. Seeing our babies move around was mind blowing. The doctor asked if we wanted to know the sex, we agreed the news of having twins was enough to get our heads around for one day so we waited. But she made it sound like we were having a boy and a girl because baby a was much more active (still is).

With twins they like to do ultrasounds every month to make sure everything is ok. We had feternal twins, so there was not as much risk as identical, but still more risk of complications then a singleton pregnancy. When we had our next ultra sound my fiancee bet me it was going to be 2 boys, and he was right.

It wasn’t until the second trimester I got morning sickness that lasted almost till I had the boys at 38 weeks. I never had any overly crazy craving, just orange juice all the time, and occationally a Burger King Whopper, which was odd for me because we don’t eat fast food. I had a lot of adversions, the smell of coffee which broke my heart because I love coffee. I could not stand barbeque sauce, and mint was very unpleasent to me, which made brushing my teeth difficult.

By the eighth month it was getting hard to work, let alone walk. So it was time I stayed home and worked on setting up the nursery. Baby b was breach almost my entire pregnancy so we decided it was best for a scheduled c-section, Thursday February 12 at 9:30am. We only had one time threw out my pregnancy that we thought the boys were coming early, and that was the Monday before I was scheduled. That night was the first time I had ever been in the hospital. Part of me was hoping the boys were coming then, but I was also nervous of the unknown of what was to come next. But the nurse sent us home and I took it easy until Thursday.

I woke up at 6:30am on Thursday so I could shower and do my makeup before we went to the hospital. Makeup helps me feel relaxed and happy. The whole process of putting it on is like meditation to me, it both calms and energies me. I was so nervous I needed a little me time before my life changed forever. I was nervous thinking was I going to be a good mom, nervous because I had never held a newborn, nervous because I was about to have a major surgery.

We got to the hospital a little before 7:30am we checked in an the first nurse started hooking me up to the monitirs, getting paperwork going and getting my iv in. Now I was told not to eat or drink anything from midnight the night before, so I was a dehydrated, and I have small veins to start with, so the nurse was having trouble finding my vein on my hand, so she ended up doing it by feel because she couldn’t see it, and wow it hurt!

Finally by 9:40am I was taken into the operating room. I was shaking so bad. The doctors and anesthesiologist were amazing and helped calm me down. I was still shaking after the epideral so they placed a blanket across my arms and chest. My fiancee was sitting beside me holding my hand and had our camera ready. I didn’t feel any pain, but there was a lot of pressure. My ob/gyn doctor said she was making the incision and before I knew it I was hearing baby V’s first cry. At this point our tears started flowing. Then a little more pressure then baby L made his entrance into the world.

I saw the boys being taken into the hall to be cleaned up and my fiancee went into the hall to take pictures of the boys. He came in one more time before he got to hold them. He couldn’t even speak. When he went back into the hall they handed him one of the babies. He told me the anesthesiologist said ” it’s just like holding a football, you like football right?”

When I finally got all stiched up and taken to recovery they immediatly brought the boys in to me so I could breast feed them. The first time I got to hold them was the most magical moment of my life so far. It has not been all easy for me since, but its been amazing. You hear stories of how easy and beautiful breast feeding is, well I agree it is beautiful, it is hard work. I have spent countless hours researching and had a great support system.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how my journey began. They are growing so quickly, physically and developmentally, and I am growing and learning every day too. I look forward to sharing our adventure from breast feeding, sleep training, baby food recipes, some of my personal interests, to tip and tricks I’ve learned along the way.