My experience sleep training twins — December 28, 2015

My experience sleep training twins

Life with twins has taken over for the past few months so I have not posted anything for a long while. I have been writing and thinking of new idea’s just needed time with my boys and didn’t want to miss a thing. This post is from August actually and A LOT has happened since then. I am deciding to not change and update it because it has my genuine feelings and experience with sleep training. I understand our experience is probably not a typical experience with sleep training but it was our experience I wanted to share with you. Please enjoy.

Last week was a major week for the boys and I. It was a very exciting week but a week I’ve dreaded since the boys were born …. sleep training!

Until last week I have been still swaddling and nursing my boys to sleep. I had no intentions of starting sleep training yet or changing our routine. Both boys were regularly getting out of their swaddles and baby L occasionally slept on his side. I was starting to worry the time was coming soon to sleep train but I wasn’t going to force it on them, infact I was trying to figure out how to extend them being swaddled. I was doing research of different swaddles that would be harder for them to break out of or swaddle transitions.

Then it happened. Baby L rolled onto his stomach while swaddled during their afternoon nap. I was very proud of my boy that he was now able to roll both ways, it was the first time he rolled onto his stomach. But at the same moment I realized I couldn’t swaddle him anymore because it wasn’t safe. I don’t have any loose blankets in their cribs and I only have the mash liner on the crib, no padded bumpers and no pillows. But I didn’t like the idea of my baby rolling onto his stomach and not having the ability to move his arms.

Baby V still has not rolled onto his stomach but he’s not far off. (Update: the day after I started writting this he rolled over!) I decided that was the night they were both going to sleep un-swaddled and when I needed to start sleep training. They are just shy of 6 months old so I figured no time like the present.

At 5 months they started eating cereal and I started making pureed fruits and veggies for them. They eat solids twice a day, once after their first nap and once about an hour before bed. Since I’ve done this they have pretty much slept though the night. I was very nervous that unswaddling them and starting to sleep train them would throw them all off and it would be a long night.

I had already done a lot of Googling trying to figure out what would be the best way to approach the situation and read many forums trying to see what worked other moms. I know every baby is different and what might work for one could be useless for the other. Some moms were saying they did CIO, others said they would never do that and they nursed, rocked, sang, sat in the room till their child fell asleep, the list goes on. I remember my pediatrician saying the only thing that really works is letting them cry, so I decided that was how I’d tackle it.

I fed the boys cereal, read a couple books to them and nursed them until they were sleepy but not asleep. They had never been put in their cribs to awake to go to sleep, I had always put them down completely asleep, so of course they were crying hysterically when I put them in their cribs. I kissed each one goodnight and said I love you to each and walked out of the room and closed the door. I am not completely heartless, I of course did not just let them cry till they fell asleep, I went in every 5 minutes, patted their backs and heads but did not pick them up, just reassured them I was close by and loved them and everything was ok.

Each 5 minutes between seemed like an hour. I hated hearing my boys cry, I just wanted to comfort them but I knew in the long run this was for the best and was actually going to help them go to sleep independently.

Gradually the crys turned into whimpers and 30 minutes later there was silence. I waited a few minutes before I tip toed into their room to make sure they had actually fallen asleep and I couldn’t resist, I had to go in again to make sure they were really ok. They were perfect. Baby V was all stretched out on his back and baby L was on his stomach with his bum in the air. I just stood there and watched them sleep for a few minutes.

The next night was even easier. Well easier on them because it only took 20 minutes for them to fall asleep, but it still broke my heart hearing them cry. Night 3 blew my mind. I’ve heard all kinds of horror stories how it can be hours of fighting to get a child to sleep on their own and that the child seems to be accepting then is worse usually by night 3. Well, both of my boys fell asleep within the first 5 minutes after I put them down. I was shocked but so happy they were finally able to sooth themselves to sleep.

A letter to my friend. — July 24, 2015

A letter to my friend.

Dear friend,
It has been 14 months since we have seen each other. Don’t worry, I have not forgotten you, I could never forget you. We have been through so much together and I know soon we will have more adventures together.

We have a great history together, do you remember how we met? I was about 10 years old and I was spending the night at Ashley’s house, just down the street from home. When you showed up, no one was sleeping after that. We clicked instantly, it was the beginning of a beautiful life long friendship.

Before long we were meeting every day. Your energy is contagious, you always made the sunshine a bit brighter.

You helped me through college. All the late night study sessions, getting up unspeakably early for class, you were always by my side. I miss sitting in the cafe on Market street with you in between or after classes. We would sit and relax, or maybe play a game together. Sometimes we would wander the shops, I loved that little thrift shop, you always knew how to calm me down and energize me at the same time.

When I was done with college and was working full time was when I discovered your dark side. I gotto say, its just as enjoyable as your sweet side! You helped me though the long days and occasional overnight shift. Without you I would have fallen sleep at the desk or prep table.

When I moved to be with my fiance it became harder to see you as often. I’m going to level with you, he didn’t like you… I know, crazy! When I drove to work myself I would leave early just so we could have some time together, but if we carpooled he didnt see why we should leave early for a quick stop. Eventually we compromised and life was good again.

Then February before last we decided we were ready to start a family. We both knew I had to focus on my family, but I can’t wait for 7 more months until we are reunited. I could really use your help taking care of my beautiful twin boys. They are growing so quickly and are getting more active every day. Oh Coffee, the adventures we will gave together again will be amazing.

Your forever friend,

What’s in my nursing basket — July 16, 2015

What’s in my nursing basket

Some people my think nursing is easy, you just sit there, but your body and mind are doing a lot of work. Yes you are sitting in one spot a lot if the time, but that also means you either need to ask someone for help to get you something, or go without if you don’t plan ahead. I have a nursing basket in my nursery so I can enjoy my time with my boys worry free. Here is what’s in my basket, if you have any ideas what would be helpful please leave a comment.

P.s would make great baby shower gift for a new mom.

20 oz water bottle. You need to stay hydrated while nursing and especially in the early days you are always thirsty.
Chap stick and hair ties. It can be very annoying to have dry lips or hair in your face and you can’t do anything about it.
Hand sanitizer and hand lotion. So you can feel clean and smell nice. These helps breast feeding because if you feel good you can relax more.
Diapers and wipes. If you have diaper emergency you don’t want to have to wait to fix the issue.
Tissues. Your hormones are going wild, your learning the new skill of breast feeding and your sleep deprived. Tears are going to flow.
Cell phone charger. You will be using your phone for apps, a clock, stay connected with friends and family and to help you stay awake. The battery runs down quicker then you think.
Ear buds. I often will watch YouTube while nursing so I keep ear buds handy so I don’t distract the boys.
Snacks. You burn about 500 calories nursing one baby, I have twin hungry boys so I am burning about 1000 calories. This means I need to 1000 extra calories per day (total 3500) so that I produce enough milk for the boys so I make sure I have plenty of snacks. Even having a stash of ganola bars on hand is great but if you enjoy being in the kitchen Pinterest has a ton of great recipes for lactation cookies, smoothies and overnight oatmeal. Check out my Pinrerest boards; TheRoseyLifeWithTwinsPins
Nursing cover. Breast feeding is beautiful but when your relatives or friends come over you will want your privacy while being able to socialize. I have the San Diago Bebe Twin Eco Nursing Pillow and it has a built in nursing Cover and it works great and when packing my pillow to travel its one less thing to forget.
Pen and paper. Being able to write down random thoughts or planning out your free time or remember what you need for groceries, having pen and paper available can be a life saver.
Burp cloths! Need I say more?
Nursing necklace. My boys are very easily distracted, a nursing necklace can help to keep their attention a little longer. Esty has a lot of great options like food grade silicone bead necklaces, so if they are teething or just putting everything in their mouth you don’t have to worry.
Pedia Care Gas drops. Sometimes depending on what you eat your baby can have painful gas and when burping doesn’t help you want relief close by. It is a dropper method which my boys are not fond of but luckily don’t need to use them often.
Baby Ddrops. Breast milk provides so many beneficial qualities but it doesn’t have vitamin D which babies need so their bones grow strong. I prefer the Ddrops brand over the Enfamil because it is literally 1 drop that you either put on you nipple or you finger or even add to food if baby is old enough, versus Enfamil you have to use a dropper and put in babies mouth or add to food. My boys would just make a sour face and spit it back out.
Born Free Nighty Night Nursing Light. This little light clips to your shirt or nursing bra, it has a timer of 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes with an optional vibrate setting. With this you don’t have to watch the clock and if you doze off it can wake you up.
Coconut oil. Yes the oil you find in the grocery store for cooking. Coconut oil is an all natural substance that is good for… just about everything; lip moisturizer, lotion, use in replace of lanolin cream, whip into body butter, treat cradle cap, eat tbsp per day to increase quality and flow of breast milk… the list can just keep on going! Organic unrefined or virgin is the best.
Prenatal vitamins. Even after pregnancy these are important for mom’s health and babies get extra needed vitamins threw mom’s milk.
Fenugreek. This has been the most helpful supplement for my breast milk that I’ve tried. I took it every day in the beginning to get a strong supply established, now I just take when I feel my supply needs a little help. Other people have sworn by marshmallow root or mother’s love and had great success.

Phone apps.
Your phone can actually help you breast feed. (I have an android phone, don’t know if all these apps are available for iPhone.)

Breastfeeding- Baby tracker. This app does it all; tracks how long you nursed each side, when you last nursed, pumpings, baths, weight, sleep, and its really easy to use.
Poink. This app is useful for a few reasons. It can run in the background so you can still use other functions on your phone. It vibrate alerts you when you are falling asleep by motion detection, if you hold it upright its fine, when your phone starts drooping down it vibrates. It is super easy to use and takes up very little memory space.
Inkpad Notepad. This app is so simple, no crazy fonts or confusing features. You can write basis notes, write a to-do list or write a shopping list. Once you finish a task on a list, check it off and on to the next item.

9 ways to help stay awake while breast feeding — July 13, 2015

9 ways to help stay awake while breast feeding

So you made it past the adrenaline rush of bringing your new bundle of joy home. You worked out the feeding issue kinks and now have a good feeding relationship with your child. You can now identify the signs of a growth spurt and know what to execpt and how to handle your little ones change in temperament and feeding patterns. Life is looking pretty rosy, but your baby still insists on the night feedings or they still take awhile to eat and are not an efficient eater to be able to be done in 20 minutes or less. So how do you stay awake while feeding??

My twin boys are now 5 months old, they get distacted very easily so I keep the room fairly dimly lit, especially at night, and I still nurse them to sleep. I know, it could lead to sleep issues down the road, when they are older I plan to do some form of sleep training, but I’m not ready to change our routine right now. I’ve learned go with what works to keep your sanity.

Both my boys take awhile to eat, especially baby V, even bottle feeding he takes forever. I have nothing against co-sleeping, it just wouldn’t work for us. I had to get creative how to stay awake while feeding them.

Pinterest. So many things to keep my mind busy from planning a meal to fantasizing about how to build my dream home. Traveling the world to parenting and kid tips and tricks.

Watch a movie. In the early days it is a good way to help stay awake, now that my boys are more alert the sound distracts them or I have caught baby L trying to watch the movie. So that leads to my next way to stay awake…

YouTube. I watch YouTube on my phone, with earphones if the boys are having an especially easily distracted day. YouTube is great because it has a wide variety of movies, tv shows, how to informational videos and youtubers making their own original content. I religiousally watch itsjudyslife, beautybroadcast, and jaclynhill.

Play a game. On my iPod I have solitare, sudoku, and my go to, plant vs zombie. Keeps your mind busy and helps you relax, especially on those long stretchs of cluster feeding.

Learn a language . Not only will this benefit you, but it could be good for your whole family. You could teach what you learn to your significant other and eventually your children. Duolingo is a great app, its easy to use and fun!

Listen to music. I specifically created a playlist on my iPod for breast feeding of uplifting, fast tempo, and fun music. I can listen to my favorite songs, with earphones if necessary, and stay alert.

Connect with friends and family. Being a new mom I don’t get out too much. Also I moved 2 hours away from my friends and family to be with my fiance, so I don’t regularly see everyone so I Facebook, email, text, or call to stay connected.

An alert system. Sometimes no matter what I do I get so tired inevitably fall. I have found two fairly good alert systems to wake me up when I’m drifting off.

One is the Born Free nighty night nursing light. I found mine ar BabiesRus but I’ve see it ar Kohl’s and on Amazon. It easily attachs to nursing bra, has a dim light that if it is supposed to keep you awake without being jarring, didn’t work for me. My favorite part about this is it has a timer for 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes and has an optional vibrate feature.

The other opinion I found is an app for my phone called Poink. You turn the app on and it runs un the background so you can continue using your phone for other activities to keep you awake. How it works is you hold your phone upright while using it, it senses if the phone is falling and vibrates to wake you up. Best part is it’s a free app and takes up very little memory space.

Blog. Whether I’m reading posts from my favorite bloggers, writing my own posts or just brain storming, I find blogging to be a great way to stay awake.

So here is my list of what works for me, I’m not saying these will work for everyone, and if you have other ideas I would love for you to comment and tell me.

10 ways to helped increase your milk supply — July 9, 2015

10 ways to helped increase your milk supply

Before my boys were even born I was worried if I was going to have enough milk to feed two babies. I had a c-section because my baby b was breach almost my enitre pregnancy and I knew that was going to slow my milk coming in as well. When we got the boys home a few days later they seemed like they were endlessly hungry, I had no clue then that they were going threw a growth spurt. I also had to supplement per doctors orders to get them back up to birth weight. I didn’t realize then I should pump more often so my body could keep up with demand so I wouldn’t have to supplement. I was terrified I would always have to supplement or that I would loose my supply all together so I started asking friends and doing a lot of research to find out how to increase my supply.

Skin to skin. It is important to get skin to skin with newborn as soon as possible after birth for many reasons, helps regulate babies body breathing, keeps baby warm, helps with postpartum depression, and helps produce milk. Babies that are skin to skin immediately after birth tend to nurse sooner and longer, getting mama’s milk to come in sooner.

Drink plenty of water. Seems easy enough but you gotto drink more then you think. Best way to think of it is to drink half your weight in ounces of water.  So I weight 190lb, so I drink 95 ounces of water every day. That seems like a daunting amount but I just always have my 20oz water bottle with me, and drink every time I nursel. Breast milk is about 90% water so you need to drink a lot to produce.

Nurse, nurse, nurse! Especially in the early days you want to feed on demand, and yes when they are going threw growth spurts and are cluster feeding it feels endless, but their bodies are doing a lot of work growing and breast milk digests so quickly they need the extra food. Not only does it help them, but it will help you too because breast milk comes in at demand, so the more they nurse, the more your body will make, and the more peace of mind you can have that your little ones are getting enough to eat.

Dont supplement. It can be tempting to give your little one some formula if you don’t feel your making enough, but by feeding on demand you are telling your body to make more. Trust your body, you are making enough, just sometimes babies need/ want more.

Get plenty of rest. Haha, good joke right,  but it really does help boost your supply. Don’t be afraid to ask for help so you can get some rest. My fiance helped in the begining by making dinner, taking care of the dogs and cat, doing the errands, doing the laundry and accepted that the house was not going to be picture perfect clean all the time.

Relax. I know how hard it is in the very beginning, it gets so much easier after three months. My boys are 4 and half months and there are still occasional hard day. Don’t let the little things in life weight you down too much. The more you stress, the less milk your body is going to release. Let the tears out if you need, find someone you trust to talk to freely about your worries, it feels a lot better to let it out.

Eat healthy and often.We always have granola bars and yogurt and fruit in stock.  I make a few things all at once like a couple of sandwiches, overnight oatmeal, green juice, and a portion of carrots or cherries so I can just grab a snack when I get a chance because I didn’t have time or energy to make real meals just for myself. Breast feeding one baby burns about 500 calories per day, so I am burning about 1000 calories a day nusing two boys. Your body needs a little extra food so it has energy to produce milk.

Galactagogues; a substance that helps promote milk production. My personal favorite is oatmeal, it’s quick, easy and delicious. Other supplements I’ve found effective are fenugreek, marshmallow root, alfalfa, and red raspberry leaf.

Other foods that help increase production; flax seed meal, brewers yeast, nuts, spinach, sweet potatoes, rice ginger and garlic. My pediatrician gave me some great advice, not so much to increase supply but make milk richer, eat ice cream before bed! I loved telling my fiance I need ice cream, doctors orders!

Pump. Adding an extra pumping session can help boost your supply. Whether your in the early days trying to get milk to come in or you have your supply established but you feel your supply is low due to stress, change in schedule or going back to work. Just adding a couple 15 to 20 minute sessions can do the trick. Another pumping choice is power pumping. Pump for 10 minutes, then rest for 10 minutes, repeat on and off for one hour.

It’s important to know that yes pumping will help increase supply but expressed milk from pumping is not equivalent to what your baby is getting while nursing. On an average pumping session a you can expect 1/2 ounce to 2 ounces total for both breasts. If you get more then that you may have an over supply or your body reacts very well to your pump.

So there it is, my list of what I’ve learned.  I just want to clarify, I am not at all a health care professional,  this is just a list of what worked for me and other people I’ve talked to. If you found something that worked great for you please comment and let me know. 🙂

“Go play in traffic” some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten — June 23, 2015

“Go play in traffic” some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten

When I was a young girl, maybe 12 years old, my mom was trying to make dinner and my sister and I were full of energy and would not give her a moments piece. In her frustration to try and get dinner done she said “go play in traffic” to my sister and I. We looked at each other with mischief in our eyes and ran out the door and started dancing in the street. Now before you freak out understand we lived in a small one stop light town, literally, one blinking red light. It took my mom about 30 seconds  to realize we actally did what she said and flew out the door and yelled at us to go inside. Our defense was we were just doing what she told us to do, that surely would be enough to get us out of trouble right? No such luck, but it was so worth it because we all still laugh about it today.

My mom is my role model and still my best friend, this was valuable advice to me because when I found out I was pregnant  this was one of the first things I knew not to say to my boys. My mom raised me by herself from the time I was 6 years old, and she taught me so much I hope to pass onto our boys.

She taught me to look for the light in even the darkest day. I remeber we were going home from an emotionally hard day and she looked at the sunset on the river and we found a little good and joy out of the day.

She taught me that holidays are about family not pricetags or material objects. Christmas eve is my all time favorite holiday because we would have a smorgasbord of treats like empire cookies, butter tarts, Christmas pudding, seven layer bars, and we would watch old Christmas movies. It was about the togetherness, and that was priceless to me.

She taught me to enjoy the little things, like bubbles or shiny things.  Seeing her have so much fun and letting go of expectations of how you should act and letting her beautiful soul shine through inspires me to let go and let loose. To often I let myself get too serious about life and forget to step back and enjoy simple pleasures.

She taught me independence. From a young age I helped do dishes, laundry, vacuuming, other household chores. But its more than that, she is very resourceful and can use internet to find anything from how to make green juice to how to fix brake lines on a car. She doesn’t let anything stop her.

She taught me creativity in problem solving. When I was younger if I did something wrong of course I’d get grounded, but she always made the punishment fit the bad behavior and gave me a loophole that if I figured out why it was wrong my punishment would be reduced. As an adult this foundation has translated into relationships, work life, even house decorating, it taught me to think outside the box and not to live life always inside the colored lines.

She taught me about beauty. I’m not talking about beauty on the outside, but we both might have an addiction to collecting makeup and beauty products. I’m talking about beauty on the inside, how a person carries themself and how they treat other. She taught me all people are equal no matter what color their skin, religion or orientation. She taught me manners and etiquette, she taught me to be a glass half full kind of person. Having a positive outlook on life and letting that guild how you interact with your world is more beautiful to me then the best makeup and cloths in the world. I may were makeup almost every day, but that is for me, I am not trying to impress anyone. When my boys grow up and start dating ( omg I am so glad that is many years away) I want them to judge a womans beauty by their internal beauty, not just the packaging.

She taught me so much, and I may be 29 but I am still learning from her, I want to set an example for my boys like she set for me. Thank you mom for everything and when they boys are getting out of hand and won’t leave me alone, I think I will tell the to go fly a kite instead. 🙂

Tales of the hungry babies! — June 19, 2015

Tales of the hungry babies!

When I was stilll pregnant my biggest fear was if I was going to be able to produce enough milk for my two boys. Sometimes I still worry because all of a sudden they seem to be hungry all the time and are extra fussy. But after my countless hours of tears and research I found out why and I know yes I can provide enough milk for them.

From birth to 6 months babies grow 1/2″ to 1″ per month and gain 5 to 7 ounces per week. Then from 6 to 12 months babies grow 3/8″ per month and gain 3 to 5 ounces per week. By 5 months old they have doubled their birth weight and by the time they are one they will have tripled their birth weight. Babies go through 7 main growth spurts in their first year.  It is not just physical growth that triggers these growth spurts,  they go through a lot of developmental changes too. They are learning to sit up, roll over, talk, walk, and are constantly taking I’m their environment and putting together how things work and react to actions.

Luckfully their growth spurts are somewhat predictable when they will happen for all babies, they tend to occur between: 7 to 10 days, 2 to 3 weeks, 4 to 6 weeks, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months and 9 months. Each growth spurts only last a couple of days but can last up to a week.

My boys just turned 4 months old so I know I am going to have a rough few days sometime soon. Sleep regretion, crying, moody, seemingly unsatisfyable hunger… it sounds scary but it also has a plus side, a lot more cuddle time, which makes it so worth it! Yeah I know I will be physically and mentally exhausted, but I know it will go by in a blur so I enjoy every moment, good and bad.

When I was in the hospital with the boys I ended up needing to supplement. That broke my heart because I wanted to be exclusively breast feeding from the start. But one of my boys had troubles latching and he was easily distacted and my other boy was loosing more weight then the doctors would like so I was told to supplement him too. This was great to help the boys gain some weight back but it was taking my milk longer to come in.

They brought a hospital grade breast pump to my room, but I was so exhausted I didn’t use it after every feeding. The were bringing the boys to me one at a time and I was told to do 20 minute each breast for each boy. So after cuddling, checking diapers and feeding each boys it was about 2 hours later I just wanted to take a quick nap before starting again or before visitors came. (Soon after coming home I started tandom feeding. I eventually got a twin nursing pillow which made life a whole lot easier.)

No one at the hospital described to me that that breast feeding is supply and demand. Ok well, maybe they did, the hospital staff was amazing, I was just so tired it may not have sunk in. Looking back, duh, it makes a lot of sense. Your breasts need to be emptied in order for them to fill up again and increase supply. If you supplement you are not giving your body the signal to make more, so it is going to think you have enough and not increase to meet your babies needs.

About a week after coming home the boys seemed like they were always hungry, were extra fussy, and I would cry and cry thinking I was not making enough for them. I was still supplementing so I thought I would never be able to be exclusively breast feeding because I can’t make enough. Little did I know that the boys were going through their firdt growth spurt and supplementing was actually the problem.

Growth spurt are the babies way of telling your body how much they need. I talked with a WIC peer counciler and she gave me some amazing advice and the encouragement I needed. This lady breast feed two sets of twins, so i knew it was possible and took any advice she she had to share. She explained how supplementing was actually hurting my milk supply and she suggested I pump more often to help increase my supply. Even if I didn’t get much at first pumping was like placing an order for my body to make more milk.

She gave me a lot more advice on how to increase my milk supply and there are a lot of other tips I’ve learned along the way, but I will share those next week in my next post. Thanks for reading and check back next week for more of our adventure.

P.s. I have been exclusively breastfeeding for over a month now and it feels so good!

Hi there, nice to meet you! — June 11, 2015

Hi there, nice to meet you!

On February 12, 2015 I gave birth to two beautiful boys. My posts to follow are going to be about my amazing rollercoaster ride since. But first I want to share my pregnancy journey and a little about my family and life.

Before I met my fiancee I was not interested in having children. I had dreams of traveling or following my dreams of being an artist or going corperate with the company I was working for. I thought having children would limit my life and tie me down. I had no idea being a full time mom is the most rewarding job ever.

I went away to my parents house for the weekend for my moms birthday. I moved two hours away to live with my fiancee, so it had been a few months since I had seen my parents. I remember them asking if I was pregnant so that was why I hadn’t come around for a while. My fiancee and I had breifly talked about it before, but it was that moment when I realized I was ready to try.

We tryed for 3 months, then just before my fiancee was about to go away on a hiking trip we both had a feeling I was pregnant but I wasn’t late so I waited to take the test. It was Sunday and my fiancee was coming home later that afternoon, but we both agreed I should take it when he was gone and tell him the result when he got home. It was suposed to take a minute to show results, but it seemed like just a few seconds… pregnant. My whole world was about to change, but I somehow had to go to work and focus and keep it a secret.

My fiancee is too observant for his own good and saw the plasic wrapper in the garbage. He looked in the medican cabinet and found the test. When I got home at 6pm we were both still in shock, but excited to be starting this new journey.

We waited until I was 9 weeks along until we found the right ob/gyn. When we heard the heartbeat for the first time we both cryed. It was finally real not just the idea we were pregnant, we heard one strong heartbeat and we were so excited! It wasn’t until I was 11 weeks and we went for our first ultra sound we knew we were having twins.

I saw the screen and I instantly understood we were having twins.My fiancee on the other hand needed to be told because he couldn’t really make out what was on the screen. The doctor said ” we first off I have to tell you, you are having twins.” My fiancee in a deep voice said ” what did you say?” Once he understood he was excited, but I love his inital reaction. Seeing our babies move around was mind blowing. The doctor asked if we wanted to know the sex, we agreed the news of having twins was enough to get our heads around for one day so we waited. But she made it sound like we were having a boy and a girl because baby a was much more active (still is).

With twins they like to do ultrasounds every month to make sure everything is ok. We had feternal twins, so there was not as much risk as identical, but still more risk of complications then a singleton pregnancy. When we had our next ultra sound my fiancee bet me it was going to be 2 boys, and he was right.

It wasn’t until the second trimester I got morning sickness that lasted almost till I had the boys at 38 weeks. I never had any overly crazy craving, just orange juice all the time, and occationally a Burger King Whopper, which was odd for me because we don’t eat fast food. I had a lot of adversions, the smell of coffee which broke my heart because I love coffee. I could not stand barbeque sauce, and mint was very unpleasent to me, which made brushing my teeth difficult.

By the eighth month it was getting hard to work, let alone walk. So it was time I stayed home and worked on setting up the nursery. Baby b was breach almost my entire pregnancy so we decided it was best for a scheduled c-section, Thursday February 12 at 9:30am. We only had one time threw out my pregnancy that we thought the boys were coming early, and that was the Monday before I was scheduled. That night was the first time I had ever been in the hospital. Part of me was hoping the boys were coming then, but I was also nervous of the unknown of what was to come next. But the nurse sent us home and I took it easy until Thursday.

I woke up at 6:30am on Thursday so I could shower and do my makeup before we went to the hospital. Makeup helps me feel relaxed and happy. The whole process of putting it on is like meditation to me, it both calms and energies me. I was so nervous I needed a little me time before my life changed forever. I was nervous thinking was I going to be a good mom, nervous because I had never held a newborn, nervous because I was about to have a major surgery.

We got to the hospital a little before 7:30am we checked in an the first nurse started hooking me up to the monitirs, getting paperwork going and getting my iv in. Now I was told not to eat or drink anything from midnight the night before, so I was a dehydrated, and I have small veins to start with, so the nurse was having trouble finding my vein on my hand, so she ended up doing it by feel because she couldn’t see it, and wow it hurt!

Finally by 9:40am I was taken into the operating room. I was shaking so bad. The doctors and anesthesiologist were amazing and helped calm me down. I was still shaking after the epideral so they placed a blanket across my arms and chest. My fiancee was sitting beside me holding my hand and had our camera ready. I didn’t feel any pain, but there was a lot of pressure. My ob/gyn doctor said she was making the incision and before I knew it I was hearing baby V’s first cry. At this point our tears started flowing. Then a little more pressure then baby L made his entrance into the world.

I saw the boys being taken into the hall to be cleaned up and my fiancee went into the hall to take pictures of the boys. He came in one more time before he got to hold them. He couldn’t even speak. When he went back into the hall they handed him one of the babies. He told me the anesthesiologist said ” it’s just like holding a football, you like football right?”

When I finally got all stiched up and taken to recovery they immediatly brought the boys in to me so I could breast feed them. The first time I got to hold them was the most magical moment of my life so far. It has not been all easy for me since, but its been amazing. You hear stories of how easy and beautiful breast feeding is, well I agree it is beautiful, it is hard work. I have spent countless hours researching and had a great support system.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how my journey began. They are growing so quickly, physically and developmentally, and I am growing and learning every day too. I look forward to sharing our adventure from breast feeding, sleep training, baby food recipes, some of my personal interests, to tip and tricks I’ve learned along the way.